Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dracula's Ball!

Dracula's Ball is a huge goth event that is held 4 times a year in Philadelphia. There are several dance floors, live bands, and even gothy trinket vendors. While the live acts are primarily Industrial, the crowd is a mix of different alternative types, from fetishwear and cybergoth to historical ball gowns and gothic lolita. Some people put together amazingly intricate ensembles, some people wear the classic black t-shirt and black jeans. I'd like to really go all-out sometime, but it's quite difficult to get my goth-dance on in a 5-hoop skirt.
I went for the first time last year to see Black Tape for a Blue Girl and i-Scintilla...and I've been pining for it ever since! I do love our little local Club Orpheus, but Club Shampoo (where Drac's Ball is held) is really one of the coolest, largest clubs I have ever seen.
This past Saturday was the 53rd Ball, featuring Conjure One and kHz. My friend and fellow lolita Casie, my boyfriend Peter, and myself went on a little road trip to break out of the slightly sluggish Baltimore scene. We had an amazing time!
Our adventure began early in the afternoon, as we wanted some time to shop on South Street, and pick up our tickets.

 I didn't want to drive for 2 hours in a corset and choker, so I fancied up a bit once we arrived at the club. Unfortunately, it was dark by the time we arrived, so the photos aren't the best. The flash really distorted the color and texture of my outfit. I was wearing a modified Bodyline dress and a Living Dead Souls coat, Casie was wearing all Metamorphose I believe (with the exception of my borrowed BL coat).

Once inside, Casie and I partied hard! We danced from 9 pm to nearly 2 am, almost non-stop. My boyfriend doesn't like dancing too much, so unless something particularly good was on, he just sat around and looked fashionably aloof. My favorite area was the smaller dance floor, which had a great DJ who was kind of going on a "Goth 80's Prom" theme. He played things like The Cure (Peter and I waltzed to "Just Like Heaven <3), Billy Idol, Joy Division, Tears For Fears, as well as some rockabilly and 80's pop. We saw a few other lolitas, but lolita fashion in general was not nearly as well represented as last time. Our guess is that they all went to Dances of Vice in New York, which happened on the same night.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Beautiful choker =)

  2. Sounds fun! You've made me start planning to go someday. ;)
    I loved seeing the pictures. All three of you were dressed beautifully!

  3. Sound really good!

    We need more events like this in Spain ^_-

  4. Glad to live in Philly all my life, it's right around the corner and the people are awesome!
    True vampires at their best at the ball.

  5. I adore your boots. you have to tell me where you get your clothes. My name is Zoe(pronounced Zoey.)My email is


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