Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fan+Friend's New Release

A short overview for those unfamiliar: Fanplusfriend is a Chinese lolita webstore whose quality and reliability is debated within the community. I personally have been ordering from them for some time and have only had a couple disappointments, but those was mostly due to it just not looking good on me personally, which is the risk you run when you shop online and can't try things on.  Like Bodyline they carry standard lolita clothing mostly classic/sweet/gothic, with some ita-tastic items mixed in. You just have to use a discerning eye to weed out the tacky. Unlike Bodyline, they don't really do prints. The quality is more reliable for the less experimental items, so try to stick to basics if you're shopping with them and feel unsure.
Anyhow, when looking through their preview section, I was unexpected delighted to see Rococo lolita! They will be coming out with a rococo dress in floor length and knee length, made out of brocade in a least two color options. I own several items made out of F+F's brocade, it's a semi thin cotton with a low contrast pattern, I really enjoy it.
Included in their photoshoot is also a new mini-tricorn. I'm on the fence about that one, it looks nicer in the photoshoot than in their stock photos.
They don't give release dates in the preview section, but I am desperately hoping it comes out in time for my birthday in February!


  1. If you're looking for a mini-tricorn, check out Ophanim Gothique on etsy. She's a fellow loita, does beautiful work, and takes custom orders (and they aren't outrageously priced).

  2. I love it. Rococo Lolita is fantastic in so many ways. And I've always wanted a little mini tricorn!

  3. I love love love the long black version <3 Utterly gorgeous!

  4. oh those rococo dresses are amazing! I wiall have to buy one some day!


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