Sunday, December 8, 2013

Autumn Outfit Round-up

It's been a rather turbulent season, but at least I've have plently of chances to get dressed up!

Let's just dive in!

Dinner with everyone in my family born on Sept. 2nd (it's a lot).

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Brooch: Clockwork Couture
Bag: Putumayo
Boots: Bordello

Wearing Day Dream Carnival at Anime USA.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Headdress: Handmade by me
Necklace: Automatic Honey
Shoes: Vivianne Westwood

Going to the mall and dinner with my mom.

JSK, Purse: Angelic Pretty

Another stawberry outfit, this time for apple picking.

JSK, Headbow, Purse: Angelic Pretty

Fall picnic in Patterson Park.

JSK, Headbow, Parasol: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Vivianne Westwood

Gettin' frozen yogurt.

JSK, Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Purse: Loris
Boots: Bordello

Halloween party at my place!

JSK: We're All Mad Here
Cardigan: Too Fast
Purse: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Selling things at Tigercon.

 JSK, Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Collar: CuteCandyClouds

 Halloween "Candy Witch" coord.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Hat: Handmade
Collar: Swimmer
Shoes: Bodyline

Tea time in Old Ellicott City.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Collar: Swimmer
Brooch: Handmade by me
Purse: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Ariel-inspired outfit for a Disney sushi party.

JSK: Shirley Deer
Purse: Loris
Shoes: Secret Shop

Another Ellicott City tea party!

 JSK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Vivianne Westwood

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Living like a princess on a commoner's budget.

Most of us into any kind of fashion or expensive hobby know the struggle-- "I want all the things and I cannot afford them!" Whether you are living at home or paying all your own expenses, it is difficult to balance your needs and wants. Many people getting into lolita fashion have said to me "Oh, I want to wear lolita so badly, but it's too expensive". I do my best to tell them that it doesn't have to be the case. Looking at the price tag of a full coordinate can be very intimidating, but there is hope! Even if you have just a small amount of disposable income, you can start your lolita wardrobe with patience, planning, and shopping around.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Fashion Picks

I was stumped for ideas for a new post that wasn't just outfit photos, so I decided I'd make a list of my favorite things I've bought this fall. Like many lolitas, I love to stalk the internet for interesting clothes and good deals (preferably both). So here's my recommendations for this season!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Store Update: Rosettes and Flower Headbands!

Hello all!
It's been a while since I shamelessly self promoted it, so some of you might not be aware that I have an Etsy store, Magical Tea Time. I sell prints of my artwork, and handmade jewelry and accessories.
Lately I've been getting into the more crafty side of things! I've started making floral head bands, hand sculpted antlers headbands, as well as rosette pins.
I made many of of these with fall and Halloween in mind, so check them out! <3

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Otakon 2013 Outfits!

Actually, to be accurate, these are "The general vicinity of Otakon" outfits as I didn't actually purchase a badge this year.
Fortunately the tea party hosted again by Martha of Moss Marchen was outside the convention center. It was at the gorgeous Royal Sonesta hotel like usual. I'd really love to organize a tea there with the local community sometime, so many amazing photo locations and several beautiful tea rooms.
The theme was "royalty" this year. I originally planned on sculpting myself some gold antlers, but I ran a bit short on time, so I ended up spray-painting a crown gold and making a scepter from ribbons and a Chambord bottle (lolita booze wand!). I suppose my theme ended up "(Wonder) Party Princess".

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: WAMH's Ebony Sweets

WAMH, or We're All Mad Here, is an Australian indie Lolita brand founded in 2012. The delightful designs of the owner, Eden, cater to the bitter sweet and creepy cute persuasion of Lolita (or as they call it, "Sugar Punks").
I was intrigued by their design "Sugary Bones" when it was first open for reservation early last year. At the time though, I decided against ordering because I wasn't prepared to pay brand prices for an indie brand I knew little about. Then, around my birthday this past February, I came across another WAMH print, Zombie Carnival, being sold secondhand on eBay, and decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did! Upon seeing the dress in person, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials, and found it to be on par with many of my Japanese brand dresses. So when the reservation for Ebony Sweets in May was announced, I happily signed up for one in lavender. Just a few days ago, I received my highly anticipated dress!
Without further ado, here is my review of We're All Mad Here's Ebony Sweets~

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Frill 2013: 2fast 2frillious

This past weekend, in a somewhat spur of the moment decision, my friend Blaze and I went on a road trip to Frill, a Lolita convention in Atlanta. As far as I'm aware of, it's the only Lolita convention in America, if in the whole world. This is Frill's second year, and the first time for both of us. We really had no idea what to expect, but hey, adventures!
We left Thursday night and after some confusion with the hotel reservation, stayed in Durham overnight before proceeding onto Atlanta (and eating at the southern breakfast chain, Biscuitville). All in all, the drive from Baltimore wasn't too bad. The convention itself was at the Marriott in Decatur, which is a nice, kind of trendy neighborhood outside Atlanta. The convention hotel was full so we stayed a few blocks away (a bearable distance despite the heat). Strangely enough Atlanta's weather was actually cooler than Baltimore.
Anyway, we arrived just in time to participate in the fashion walk. Scurrying over to the hotel, there was quite a crowd of Lolitas assembled, a few girls from Maryland who had flown, and a couple people I'd met online. A few people recognized me, surprisingly! We immediately started talking to random people assembled and made con-friends right away. Blaze knew more people than I because her old community from Florida had also roadtriped over.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mini Macaron Meetup

Yesterday my lovely friend Erica and I went on a lolita day out to investigate an adorable bakery in Annapolis, Sweet Hearts Patisserie. We hadn't had a macaron in years, so it was about time!
Anyway, I am totally in love with this place! It's small, but just so cute. And the decor is all silver and purple!
Click to enlarge.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Purple!

Well, it's almost Friday but never mind that ('fings I fancy Friday?).  If you haven't guessed by the new layout...I really love purple. A lot.
Here is a short summary of Purple: a love beyond mortal comprehension.
  • My mom had a purple plush bunny made for me before I was born. She knew.
  • My birth month is February, the stone and flower of which is amethyst and violet. Both are glorious purple.
  • As a little kid I went around saying “purplemyfavoritecolor” like it was one world. Yea, I was real fuckin’ cute.
  • I was born on a Thursday, the color association of that day being the purps.
  • You know what the complimentary color of brown eyes is? Now you do.
Purple is unfortunately a somewhat hard to find color in lolita. This past year I've been slowly adding it to my wardrobe though!

 Purplequest: Adding purple to your life.
  • Cook with lavender! Or drink it (have you had a cocktail with lavender bitters? To die for). There are tonnns of recipes out there incorporating lavender, one of my favorites being lavender cupcakes of course. Check out this site for neat recipes. If you're a fan of loose leaf tea, try Davidson's Earl Grey and Lavender.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The First Four Years


    In two weeks I will be graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration. Four years can really fly by! College has changed a lot of things for me, as it does for many people. Ended relationships, added tattoos, lost about a foot and a half of hair, and met some of the best people in the world.
    Freshman year I joined my local lolita community. I'd dabbled in lolita before that but hadn't really fully embraced The Frill until I found Maryland Grandeur (now Charm City Lolitas). My first meet up was at the Natural History Museum in DC (and to think, I almost didn't go because of the snow). I didn't know anyone, but a group that was carpooling there was kind enough to get in touch with me beforehand. Little did I know I'd end up living with two of them! Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I immediately felt right at home. I remember at the end of the meet Evan saying to me he hoped I wouldn't move away after college, and I was like "But why, you just met me!" and he and Kelley were like "So?". Well, the jokes on them, I moved into their basement.
    I've made so many friends because of my community. I've had so many great experiences. I've lost so much space in my closet. I wouldn't trade you guys for the world.
So here is a photo collection of my first four fabulous years as a lolita.

Click to enlarge.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Bonita Bonbon Nails

 A little while ago Bonita of Bonita Bonbon Nails contacted me and asked if I'd like to review a set of her custom false nails. After checking out the amazing nail art on her blog and website, I was more than happy to agree!
I saw the "lavender mist" set on her blog and decided I needed those in my life. The instructions for measuring your nails are right on the website, and very easy to follow. Within a week she had them done and in the mail!

They arrived in a cute little box in a padded envelope, nail glue and file included. The nails themselves are just gorgeous, the gradient is flawless and the glitter is so cute. They fit perfectly, and there are also 4 extra nails included just in case. The size is nice, long enough to extend over my fingertip but still a reasonable length for using my hands. Of course, the nails can be filed down to suit each wearer.

Click photos to enlarge.

Overall, lovely false nails from a very creative lady! Check out her other designs and consider grabbing a pair for yourself on the Bonita Bonbons website.

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