Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Fashion Picks

I was stumped for ideas for a new post that wasn't just outfit photos, so I decided I'd make a list of my favorite things I've bought this fall. Like many lolitas, I love to stalk the internet for interesting clothes and good deals (preferably both). So here's my recommendations for this season!

1. Cropped sweater!
I have this lovely lightweight bolero in several varieties. It's the perfect length for lolita dresses, comes in many colors, and is lightweight enough for sunnier days. I prefer it to the "just sleeves" bolero style. For $10 and free shipping, it's tempting to have one in every color!
You can find it on ebay here.

2. Too Fast skeleton sweater.
The sweater-ing continues! Skeleton tights and leggings have become very popular in the past year, and this sweater is the perfect compliment. It's a bit on the expensive side, but having recently received it in the mail, I can tell you it's very soft and comfy.
It's available on Too Fast's webshop here.

3. Loris heart purse.
I ordered this purse in black a few months ago and since then I've ordered another in lavender, and several of my friends have gotten them too. It's an adorable, sturdy, and very roomy purse that goes with just about everything. I ordered mine off of ebay because of the faster shipping time (usually about a week to a week and a half in the US), but there are several places around the internet you can order from Loris.
Here's the link I purchased mine from.

4.  A fur collar.
Faux or no, a fur collar is a great way to add some detail and warmth to an outfit this fall. I've become addicted to them in the past year to spice up my usual cardigan and JSK combination. Lolita brands release them on occasion, as does Swimmer and other cute shops. There's also quite a selection of handmade ones on Etsy.
Here's one a lovely fawn collar from Peacockalorum on Etsy.

(also you should totally buy Pokemon XY because it's amazing)


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  2. The heart purse, omg! It makes all of my pastel goth fantasies come true. :D

    Amen Fashion †

  3. Love that skeleton cardi. (also pokemon X!)

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