Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cheating on Gothic with Sweet

I’m sure those of you that pay any attention to my OOTDs and such have noticed the pink and purple creeping into my wardrobe. This influx of sweetness doesn’t mean I’m leaving gothic lolita and will sell my pile of black on black on black dresses. I’ve just…fallen out of love a little. I wore fairly strict Victorian-influenced gothic coords, black with bits of crimson or patterning, almost everyday for several years. But now looking like a lady in mourning just doesn’t quite make my heart flutter quite the same way. I needed a breath of fresh air. That’s why the trends of Bittersweet and Creepy Cute have been particularly appealing to me. Sometimes I don’t want to be the evil queen, I want to be the pretty princess.
It’s not that the cute influence has come from nowhere. I got into goth pretty early in life, and thusly my wardrobe has always leaned heavily on black. So most of my time I’ve been the girl wearing all black with a random bright pink cellphone or other accessory. The love of bright colors and Hello kitty was always there, I just chose my passion for dark clothing over it and let my desire for cute out in random places.
But especially since I’ve gotten into Lolita, I’ve begun to see that clothes…are clothes. And plenty of people wear an elegant Gothic Lolita outfit one day and an OTT Sweet one the next. I am not betraying my identity if I let myself play around with pastels. I still love The Cure and vampires and bat tattoos and going to the old school Goth night at the club. Wearing a pink cardigan won’t change that.
And as I said, I’m not breaking up with Gothic. We’ve just decided to be in an open relationship.

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