Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration: Fairytales

Lolita designers love fairytales, lolitas love fairytales, most girls at some point in their lives loved fairytales. There's just so much to love! Fairytales and folktales have romance, action, adventure, horror, and humor- anyone who thinks it's all sunshine and princesses is quite misinformed.
So here's a list of five European fairytales I highly recommend, if you haven't already read them. I picked them more for their potential to make kick-ass coordinates, than for their moral content. Just click the titles to read the story.

1.  Allerleiruah
Also known as Donkey Skin or Cat Skin.  A German fairytale.
A relative of Cinderella, but in my opinion, so much better. No only does the heroine get 3 fancy dresses (modeled after the moon, stars, and sun), she also takes more initiative than her Disney counterpart, fleeing her home and making her own way in another kingdom.
Motifs: fur/faux fur, stars and planets, gold jewelry.

2. The White Cat
Also known as The Queen of Cats. A French fairytale.
Similar to Rapunzel. A charming story where a princess, bargained away to fairies by her mother, is turned into a little white cat, waiting to be freed by her true love. Though the princess is rescued by a prince in the end, for most of the story he is actually beholden to her.
Motifs: cats, fruit, acorns, castles.

3.  Snow White and Rose Red
Also known as The Ungrateful Dwarf. A German fairytale.
Unrelated to Snow White. Two sisters befriend a prince trapped in the form of a bear. I enjoy the two heroines having opposing personalities, though both are good. Rose Red is wilder and more adventurous, while Snow White is quiet and gentle. It would be lovely to see two girls do twin coordinates to this story.
Motifs: roses, red and white, bears, forests.

4. The Six Swans
Also known as The Seven Ravens. A German fairytale.
There is something very poignant about the silently suffering heroine of this story. The Princess and her brothers are cursed by their stepmother, and the princess must endure several trials, without speaking a single word, to save them.
Motifs: Swans, feathers, leaves, crowns.

5. The Snow Queen
Also known as Sneedronningen. A Danish fairytale.
This is probably the most well known fairytale on my list, but it's quite an epic! It has been adapted into several movies and plays. It is a very dynamic story with many different locations and characters, following the journey of a little girl after her friend is taken by the beautiful but heartless Snow Queen.
Motifs: Roses, mirrors, ice/snow, reindeer.
There is a less well known version, that while only about 500 words, is terribly beautiful and worth reading as well.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outfit Post: A "Batty" Day

I had intended to do a "style tips" type post with a corresponding co-ord for the Rose Noire concert tonight...but I got in an accident on the expressway and am stuck home for the night. I hit my head on the steering wheel, pulled a muscle in my neck, and have a seatbelt-shaped bruise, but it could have been much, much worse. We'll see how my beloved black VW Beetle has faired on Monday (there's some damage to the body and the engine wouldn't turn over after the crash).
Anyway, today I wore my new Bodyline JSK, with a spiderweb and bat print, and my Demonia bat-buckle boots. At least I was looking fancy when the police and tow truck arrived...

There is a meet-up tomorrow to see Suckerpunch, which fortunately I won't miss, because I am lucky enough to have a mother who will drive me. It feels like being back in highschool, having my mom drive me to the mall! I'm spending tonight at her house just in case (because of my knock on the head), and she lives very close to the mall/theatre that the meetup is at. I actually used to work in that mall in highschool, at Hot Topic (don't judge me D: ).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vampire Forest Photoshoot

 I have returned from my travels with quite a few new things, the most exciting of which is AatP's Vampire Forest "Elizabeth" OP in red! I wandered into BTSSB's San Francisco store, expecting to buy a parasol and some accessories, and tried it on out of curiosity. To my surprise, it fit! Fortunately, I'd been saving for the shopping I planned to do in California and was able to buy it. My experience at BTSSB SF was really wonderful, the shopgirl was very sweet and helpful. She even walked around the counter to hand me my bag, rather than hand it over the counter.
As soon as I got home, I coerced my boyfriend into taking photos. The print is lovely! So many coffins, bats, and black cats.
I also bought an Innocent World Classical Angel JSK, secondhand. I'm super excited for it to arrive. In one week, I've gone from no brand to two pieces, haha...


Saturday, March 12, 2011

100 Followers! And an outfit post.

Firstly, I would like to thank my readers sincerely for getting me to 100 followers! Honestly, I'm just thrilled anyone reads this blog at all, haha. So hugs and kisses and macaroons to you all <3
Currently, I am blogging to you on the go from Denver International Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Los Angeles. Monday, I am going for LA to San Francisco, then back to Baltimore on Thursday (guess who's on spring break?). Whilst in San Francisco, I fully intend to check out the burando in Japantown, of course. If any of you are SF lolitas, I would love recommendations on where else to visit!
Last night, I went to Obscura, Club Orpheus's awesome real Goth event held every second Friday of the month. Completely legitimate post-punk and goth music all night, I kid you not! I wish every they did it every Friday, le sigh.

Anyway, I felt very fancy and had a great time, despite running a fever and suffering from fainting/sinking spells for the past few days. I wore my new bat-buckle pointy boots, surprisingly comfortable for dancing. My boyfriend was wearing a black silk shirt and looked terribly like Draco Malfoy, but would not pose for a picture (spoil-sport!).

Posing in the least attractive parts of my apartment, for the sake of lighting.
JSK: Handmade
Blouse: F+F
Corset: Timeless Trends
Boots: Demonia

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mini-Post: Little Miss Darkness Incarnate

Little Miss Darkness Incarnate
Little Miss Darkness Incarnate by OpiateVampire featuring beaded jewelry

a CoF inspired coordinate, ha!

Call me a mallgoth if you will, but I still rock out to Cradle of Filth. They're one of the small handful of bands from my middle school days that I still listen to on a regular basis. How can I not love them? It's ├╝berdark, over the top, cheesy black metal silliness.
I got the inspiration to confess my love for this band, whose songs can usually be described as "raunchy with virgins in graveyards" when listening to every album from "Dusk...And Her Embace" to "Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa" today.

As the sun slips the tearaway stars
Into the scented scheme of night
I kissed her mouth like a dark red rose
Set upon a marbled dream of white 
- CoF, Lovesick for Mina 

Ah, be still my bombast-loving heart!

(Also, I have a tumblr now. )
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