Monday, August 20, 2012

Magical Tea Time!

Hello again darklings! Today I would like to announce the opening of my new Etsy shop, Magical Tea Time! Currently it only carries jewelry made by yours truly, but soon it will also have lovely hats and accessories made by my roommate Kelley, more jewelry made by her husband Evan, and some video game inspired items by my boyfriend, Brandon.
The theme of our shop sort of ranges from Gothic Victorian to Creepy Cute to Nerdy Cute (for example, I currently have in stock fancy Dracula necklaces as well as brightly colored Pokemon rings), but I hope most everyone can find something that catches their eye c:
Please check it out here!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Otakon 2012: Revenge of the Frill

Well, the aftermath of Otakon has simmered down. It wasn't my most eventful year, honestly, I wasn't even committed to going until 3 hours before pre-registration closed. So I didn't have any cosplays lined up or time to buy part of a new outfit, but it was fun weekend nonetheless.
The first day, Friday, I was going to the EGL tea party, which was gothic themed this year. So I opted to wear Alice and The Pirate's Beauty and the Rose Promise, which I hadn't gotten out of the closet since nearly this time last year.

JSK: Beauty and the Rose Promise by Alice and The Pirates
Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
Purse: Putumayo
Boots: Bordello
Tights: Sock Dreams

 The tea party was a nice little lolita event, considering Otakon was definitely lacking in programs for the frillies this year. There was a little gift exchange, and a decent selection of teas and light food. Whenever I go to a formal tea, I am always interested to see what can be made into a tiny sandwich.

(last two photos courtesy of Petrina Cheng)

Later that night was the fashion show. It was a smaller event this year, and was missing my favorite American designer, Morrigan NYC, sadly. But it definitely was run much more smoothly and was still a good show. I was particularly fond of I Do Declare and Haenuli's designs.

On Saturday, I decided to brighten things up a bit and go for a bittersweet look (quite similar to the one I posted here!)

 JSK: DoL Fantastic Dolly Replica
Cardigan: Sourpuss Clothing
Purse: Cambridge Satchel Co.
Boots: Bodyline
Tights: eBay

 I didn't really go to many panels Saturday, mostly shopped Artist's Alley and hung out with friends. There was so much lovely deco jewelry, it was very difficult to contain myself. Somehow, I managed to not spend all my money in the face of purple accessories.

Sunday was just a short "see everyone and everything one last time", so I abandoned my hair extensions and wore a comfy kodona-ish outfit.

Hat: Hats in the Belfrey
Vest, shirt: TJ Maxx
Bow: Bodyline 
Bloomers: Handmade
Shoes: Bodyline
Purse: Putumayo
Bloomers are the best pants now. I've been wear bloomers with opaque tights are casual wear ever since c:
I've still got so many photos from meetup and such to dump this month! And my roommates and I are currently setting up an Etsy store to sell our handmade jewelry and hats so, expect to be spammed with spookygoods soon, darlings!

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