Monday, August 20, 2012

Magical Tea Time!

Hello again darklings! Today I would like to announce the opening of my new Etsy shop, Magical Tea Time! Currently it only carries jewelry made by yours truly, but soon it will also have lovely hats and accessories made by my roommate Kelley, more jewelry made by her husband Evan, and some video game inspired items by my boyfriend, Brandon.
The theme of our shop sort of ranges from Gothic Victorian to Creepy Cute to Nerdy Cute (for example, I currently have in stock fancy Dracula necklaces as well as brightly colored Pokemon rings), but I hope most everyone can find something that catches their eye c:
Please check it out here!


  1. Everything is gorgeous. I think I´ll takea glance at your shop. Thanks for the info and good luck with the project!

  2. Nice. Looks like I have another Etsy shop to bookmark!

  3. Congrats on the shop! I shall soon have one of my own, I hope. But it's taking a lot of time and well guts, so I have to applaud you guys very loud for actually accomplishing what I'm trying to.
    Also, gorgeous items and shop name!

  4. This all looks amazing, I'll be sure to check it out seeing as i'm always looking for new and creative etsy shops :3

    Please do check out my style blog as well:


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