Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sugary Sweet Thesis

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I was Minnie Mouse ;)
But anyway! If anyone's been wondering where I disappeared to again, it's mostly been my senior year of college (scary!). For my Illustration thesis I elected to do a series of drawings having to do with a candyland creepy-cute universe. "Bittersweet" if you will. Many of these were inspired by AP's OTT sweet prints as well as Adventure Time and, more recently, Wreck-It Ralph :)
I'll be selling these drawings as prints by the end of the year, as well as possibly a line of t-shirts and tote bags.
I started by doing a little monster girl, then wondering "what kind of world would she live in?"

(click to enlarge)

So I did three dessert themed over-the-top environments.


Then I took a break and worked on a little line of spooky food postcards in honor of Halloween.

Now I am working on three character based spot illustrations. These will most likely end up as t-shirts. I only have one completed at the moment, but the others are nearly ready! 

I'd love feedback from you guys c:
Which are you favorites? What would you like to see next?


  1. I love the spooky food postcards ^_^ You have a great style.

  2. The little food postcards are super cute! I really think you should print these out and sell them next year. I'd buy!

  3. These pictures seem really familiar to me... O.o
    I think I saw them on Deviant Art?

  4. Anyway point is I love this art, it is full of charm ^_^

    As for suggestions, maybe some fairy tales and confectionery (seeing as confectionery seems to be a constant theme)?

  5. The last one is omg so amazing :D I would love that as a print on a shirt :)))) I still want to tattoo your deer girls. Can't decide on the place.

  6. This looks a-MAZING! I love the combination of creepy and cute!

  7. Oh my, I love this! My favorite pics are the dessert environments. I love how they look tasty, but kinda nasty... you balanced creepy and cute very well.
    These environments would look so cool in totebags, especially if printed all over the front panel of the bag, with no frame. (I mean like this: )

  8. I definetly need a T-shirt with that Halloween Dessert thingie (the last of the three). It's so awesome *_*

  9. Wow these are all wonderful. I really love the creepy food.

  10. I love this ^^ make t shirts out of these?


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