Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Sourpuss's Housewares

   Sourpuss Clothing has long been a favorite company of mine, ever since I discovered them a couple years ago when I bought a set of pink leopard-print plates for my first apartment. Since then, I've filled my home with all kinds of products from them- dresses, sweaters, accessories, and more (some co-rds here and here for example). So when a couple weeks ago Calyn from Sourpuss contacted me and asked if I would do a review for a few of Sourpuss's new housewares, I was delighted to oblige!
  I was super excited to receive a big skull-taped box with two products featuring the "Lady of the Woods" design. If you've seen my artwork before, you'll know how excited I was to see a tattoo-style deer lady.
  The three images for this series are very reminiscent of the classic american tattoo style, with a limited palette of bold colors, simple shading, and strong lines. But there's a little bit of spooky Victorian/turn of the century detail added in. Overall, these otherworldly ladies make for an eye-catching and iconic design.
 (click images to enlarge)

They were also kind enough to send me a few cute stickers and a little bottle-opener keychain. 
I'm getting quite a collection of these! With every order I've gotten new and different stickers. 
Gotta collect 'em all. 

First, we have the Lady of the Woods porcelain tumbler (available here). As my roommate remarked, it's basically a coffee mug minus the handle, plus a lid. It kept my hot chocolate nice and toasty during the course of this review. The porcelain is a solid weight with a crisp, clean image print. The lid a flexible rubber version of a common disposable coffee lid. Despite not clicking/locking on like some portable coffee mugs, it creates a pretty tight seal that didn't leak when tilted side-to-side.

The website says it is microwave-safe, but I couldn't seem to find any information on the box or tumbler as to whether it was dishwasher safe. Judging by the style of printing, I went on the safe side and hand-washed it. There was no discoloration or damage from gently washing with dish soap and hot water.

For an even more woodsy morning, next up we have the matching Lady of the Woods throw pillow (available here). The first thing I noticed was how high quality and soft the fabric is. The beige satin as a base give the artwork a lovely antiqued look. Unlike a lot of pillows, the image was printed in a way so that it is not raised or on top of the fabric. Therefore, it's perfectly smooth to the touch and doesn't have a rough or sticky texture. It's a decent size too, large enough to lay your head on (or for the cat to sit on the moment you take it out of the box). Around the edges is a black pom pom trim, and the back is black cotton with a hidden zipper to remove the cover for washing.  
It matches our Victorian armchairs perfectly!

Though clearly this design is my favorite, they have two other gorgeous classic tattoo designs also available as tumblers, plates, and pillows. "Arctic Fox" and "Harlow". Go check out their site for some great christmas gifts or a little somethin' for your own lair :)


  1. Oh, dear... I love it. And how am I gonna save for new bjd if I keep spending my money on things like that :D But it's just so lovely. Love your chair, by the way. How do you manage to create such a lovely interior. I always end up with simple looking one. Nor dark enough nor elegant too...

  2. Love the tumbler!

  3. I have a task for you :)


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