Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wardrobe Post

Finally! I actually dragged things out of my closest and took pictures. The lighting in my room is rather unfortunate, especially at night. But I did my best.
This is more or less all of my strictly lolita dresses that I have amassed over the past three years. I have some dresses from Hell Bunny and other goth/retro shops (and of course my casual wardrobe of plain goth-y clothing) but for this post I just left them out.
Let's start with burando~
I used to have more up until recently when I sold a good bit off for money reasons. Honestly. I don't regret it, as I usually don't wear my brand for everyday coords and hadn't worn some of it for nearly a year. I kept my favorites, which are...

Angelic Pretty- Red Velvet JSK(I can't find the proper name, it's an older JSK)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright- "Velour Tiered JSK", "Marcia" Velour OP, "Mille-Fleur" JSK
MAM Maxicimam- "Royal Rose" JSK
Alice and the Pirates- "Trick Hat, Pricked Heart", "Beauty and the Rose Promise", "Vampire Forest"

I own one indie-brand item, this beautiful print skirt from Morrigan NYC, based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

I don't own much in the way of brand accessories, just a few things. Here is my Chantilly headbow, Putumayo purse, and Alice and The Pirates cardigan and parasol.

And now onto the replicas (let's not turn this into a replica debate, y/y?)
I mostly own black colorway replicas of sweet prints, thanks to my new love of bittersweet.

Dream of Lolita- "Fantastic Dolly" in lavender and red, "Milky Berry", "Milky Planet
Oo Jia- "Dream Sky", "Silent Moon"
Bodyline- "Fruits Parlour"

I have an OP and a JSK from the taobao brand Surface Spell. The purple embroidery JSK is one of my favorite pieces. Purple, black, and bats <3

Aaaand onto the Bodyline. I shunned BL at first, prefering Fanplusfriend for my offbrand source, but over time Bodyline has only improved in quality and sizing. I don't think even I own any dresses from F+F anymore, just a few skirts and blouses.

So many black dresses!
Here are my F+F Skirts. I also own a few plain black skirts and underskirts but they're rather boring so I left them out. Same with my blouses- not much going on there.

I love these highwaisted bustle skirts. They're so flattering and versatile. I actually dyed the one to the far right, it used to be black/white.

Well, there it is, my current rori stockpile! I hope you all enjoyed a little bit of oversharing. I just got back from Otakon, so next up will be several outfit posts and picspam c:

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm back! With new digs.

Hello darlings!
I'm sorry for the extended leave, but things are finally settling down again it seems. I don't have anything elaborate to post today, but for now, here are some photos of my new place.

I moved into a townhouse with two lolita friends of mine, Kelley and Casie (and Kelly's fiance). I have a nice little basement room and now that I'm settled, it's been pretty cozy. My boyfriend has also been staying with me for the past month :>
For more regular little updates and photos of pretty things, you can follow me on tumblr. I'll finally be doing a detailed wardrobe post soon, so stay tuned!
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