Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm back! With new digs.

Hello darlings!
I'm sorry for the extended leave, but things are finally settling down again it seems. I don't have anything elaborate to post today, but for now, here are some photos of my new place.

I moved into a townhouse with two lolita friends of mine, Kelley and Casie (and Kelly's fiance). I have a nice little basement room and now that I'm settled, it's been pretty cozy. My boyfriend has also been staying with me for the past month :>
For more regular little updates and photos of pretty things, you can follow me on tumblr. I'll finally be doing a detailed wardrobe post soon, so stay tuned!


  1. The place looks great! Love your decorating. :)

  2. I think I almost licked the screen, the decorating just looked delicious, haha. Love it all! I have the black roses in the Vampire wine bottle too :)

  3. wow! it's so beautiful <3 I love all the little deatils :) xx

  4. ... I want to move out so I can have an awesome room too. Right now I am only limited to the tiny bedroom upstairs... and it is filled with too much junk lol

  5. Magnificent decoration! Just perfect and very romantic.

  6. Wow, your space is so lovely. I adore how you make it your own.

  7. How did you managed to make it look so complete ??

    It looks like everything has it's place and there is none item that doesn't belong there :)

    I'd love some room arranging tips ;)

  8. What a nice place you have! It looks so cozy and comfortabel. Love how you have decorated it.

  9. New follower here!
    I must say that your decorating is immeasurably keen.

    It makes me feel homesick, as my home before I moved to the U.S. was much like this.
    I certainly hope I can decorate the new place to some similar semblance.

    Happy bloggin!

  10. Totally envious of your floor-to-ceiling bookshelf!

  11. Your digs are amazing! AMAZING. A-M-A-Z-I-NG.

    I love your coffee table with the lovely legs and the fancy top (is that marquetry or leather or paint?), the skin on your laptop (damask pattern! Also, are those TWO Apple laptops I see?) the silver and black lampshade in your living room (more damask patterns!), your guitar, your rib-cage picture, your Legend of Zelda poster with the chibi Link, ALL THOSE SHELVES (my digs lack shelves. I have five crates of books all homeless :( )

    The pocketwatch is pretty, the noticeboard makes a good necklace stand, Vampire wine is tasty, the fabric roses are pretty. The black plastic makeup case under the necklace-board looks the same as mine :D I love all your candle-holders.

    The magazine rack is fab - I want one, the purple curtains make the place look very luxurious. The couch has some fabulous textiles on it in the form of those cushions, that quilt, the plush, etc. I love the mirror above it. I love the full size skull up on a wall-mount. I love EVERYTHING in your room!

    The wrought iron beef is fabulous, the set of shelves above it are fabulous. All the pictures up on the wall look really cool, and is that a picture of Poe? I love the lamp in the corner, I love the wall scone, I love the Hello Kitty plush…

    Can I live in your place, pls? :P WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH THE PLACE IS SIMPLY EPIC.

    I can't decorate my flat; I can't paint the walls, I can't put picture hooks up, I can't do a lot of things. I do my best, but there's only so much Goth you can get out of magnolia walls and a lack of stuff on said magnolia walls.


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