Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wardrobe Post

Finally! I actually dragged things out of my closest and took pictures. The lighting in my room is rather unfortunate, especially at night. But I did my best.
This is more or less all of my strictly lolita dresses that I have amassed over the past three years. I have some dresses from Hell Bunny and other goth/retro shops (and of course my casual wardrobe of plain goth-y clothing) but for this post I just left them out.
Let's start with burando~
I used to have more up until recently when I sold a good bit off for money reasons. Honestly. I don't regret it, as I usually don't wear my brand for everyday coords and hadn't worn some of it for nearly a year. I kept my favorites, which are...

Angelic Pretty- Red Velvet JSK(I can't find the proper name, it's an older JSK)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright- "Velour Tiered JSK", "Marcia" Velour OP, "Mille-Fleur" JSK
MAM Maxicimam- "Royal Rose" JSK
Alice and the Pirates- "Trick Hat, Pricked Heart", "Beauty and the Rose Promise", "Vampire Forest"

I own one indie-brand item, this beautiful print skirt from Morrigan NYC, based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

I don't own much in the way of brand accessories, just a few things. Here is my Chantilly headbow, Putumayo purse, and Alice and The Pirates cardigan and parasol.

And now onto the replicas (let's not turn this into a replica debate, y/y?)
I mostly own black colorway replicas of sweet prints, thanks to my new love of bittersweet.

Dream of Lolita- "Fantastic Dolly" in lavender and red, "Milky Berry", "Milky Planet
Oo Jia- "Dream Sky", "Silent Moon"
Bodyline- "Fruits Parlour"

I have an OP and a JSK from the taobao brand Surface Spell. The purple embroidery JSK is one of my favorite pieces. Purple, black, and bats <3

Aaaand onto the Bodyline. I shunned BL at first, prefering Fanplusfriend for my offbrand source, but over time Bodyline has only improved in quality and sizing. I don't think even I own any dresses from F+F anymore, just a few skirts and blouses.

So many black dresses!
Here are my F+F Skirts. I also own a few plain black skirts and underskirts but they're rather boring so I left them out. Same with my blouses- not much going on there.

I love these highwaisted bustle skirts. They're so flattering and versatile. I actually dyed the one to the far right, it used to be black/white.

Well, there it is, my current rori stockpile! I hope you all enjoyed a little bit of oversharing. I just got back from Otakon, so next up will be several outfit posts and picspam c:


  1. Oh wow, what a great loli clothing collection, I absolutely love it!

    Hope you're enjoying your new digs btw :)

  2. I am in love with these dresses! Especially the velvet ones in that first picture...Most of my dresses consist of a more punk vibe but seeing your wonderful collection makes me seriously want dresses that are more of this style.

    Ps. I love your blog oh so very much!

  3. So many pretty black dresses! I'm jealous!

  4. Hello!
    I just wanted to ask you a question, I hope it won't bother you, I absolutely don't want to start a replica drama. But I usually value your opinion and the way you think, and I can't seem so make up my mind on this matter.
    What's your opinion on replica as an illustrator? I'm an illustrator myself. And at the same time I don't want to promote art theft since I wouldn't want people to steal my own art but on the other hand, the real fantasic dolly, for exemple, is so hard to find and so overpriced (I don't mind saving up but 500$ for a used/stained dress is quite appelling).
    If you don't want to answer, I would totally understand :)
    Just delete my comment in that case ^^
    And by the way, I love your style (in fashion, and in illustration), most of your wardrobe would fit perfectly into mine, hahaha :3

    1. Firstly, thank you!
      But obviously, yes, it's very complicated. I can honestly sympathize with both sides. As an illustrator though, it's a very different situation that if someone were to steal an image from my portfolio and replicate it, depriving me of licensing fees and the association with my name (this unfortunately occurs quite a lot now in the internet era). But, this is not quite the case with replicas.
      The designers and illustrators have been paid by the brands already, and honestly, everyone KNOWS where the replica came from, so they know the designers associated with it.
      But to see your work reproduced at lower quality may hurt your personal feelings of integrity. I can't say. Some illustrators are very business like and work commissioned from them is not "their baby", it's the client's problem.

    2. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it :)
      I've never thought that the designer/illustrator may just think about business. That's a new argument, and it actuelly makes sense. Sometimes, it's just about money and not the art itself anymore.
      I guess, it would be similar if someone published a limited edition of an illustration book, and people who couldn't buy it in the first place would get scans of it (or people downloading a film, since it's the most common thing).
      At that point, it's probably just a matter of personnal opinion. Thank you again for explaining your point of view, it was interesting. I may or may not buy a replica but now I'll be able to explain why :)
      (Btw, I hope that you'll understand what I mean, english is not my mother language, and I'm just reaaally tired)

  5. Your wardrobe is so extensive and versitile! Colour me jelllyyy haha.
    I tagged you in a post, I hope you don't mind;

  6. Oh, so many lovely black dresses. I thinking about getting myself a first Lolita dress from Body line too. I really admire your personal style. It looks so natural on you :)

  7. This is a longshot but if you're ever interested in selling your MorriganNYC Raven print, please let me know!


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