Saturday, June 8, 2013

Frill 2013: 2fast 2frillious

This past weekend, in a somewhat spur of the moment decision, my friend Blaze and I went on a road trip to Frill, a Lolita convention in Atlanta. As far as I'm aware of, it's the only Lolita convention in America, if in the whole world. This is Frill's second year, and the first time for both of us. We really had no idea what to expect, but hey, adventures!
We left Thursday night and after some confusion with the hotel reservation, stayed in Durham overnight before proceeding onto Atlanta (and eating at the southern breakfast chain, Biscuitville). All in all, the drive from Baltimore wasn't too bad. The convention itself was at the Marriott in Decatur, which is a nice, kind of trendy neighborhood outside Atlanta. The convention hotel was full so we stayed a few blocks away (a bearable distance despite the heat). Strangely enough Atlanta's weather was actually cooler than Baltimore.
Anyway, we arrived just in time to participate in the fashion walk. Scurrying over to the hotel, there was quite a crowd of Lolitas assembled, a few girls from Maryland who had flown, and a couple people I'd met online. A few people recognized me, surprisingly! We immediately started talking to random people assembled and made con-friends right away. Blaze knew more people than I because her old community from Florida had also roadtriped over.

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