Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vampire Forest Photoshoot

 I have returned from my travels with quite a few new things, the most exciting of which is AatP's Vampire Forest "Elizabeth" OP in red! I wandered into BTSSB's San Francisco store, expecting to buy a parasol and some accessories, and tried it on out of curiosity. To my surprise, it fit! Fortunately, I'd been saving for the shopping I planned to do in California and was able to buy it. My experience at BTSSB SF was really wonderful, the shopgirl was very sweet and helpful. She even walked around the counter to hand me my bag, rather than hand it over the counter.
As soon as I got home, I coerced my boyfriend into taking photos. The print is lovely! So many coffins, bats, and black cats.
I also bought an Innocent World Classical Angel JSK, secondhand. I'm super excited for it to arrive. In one week, I've gone from no brand to two pieces, haha...



  1. You look lovely! The photos are fantastic because your living room is just perfect!

  2. awesome and lovely dress! ♥ and you too! ^^

  3. What a stunning dress. You look great.

  4. I was wondering who bought it. I'm so glad you got it! It looks great on you! Man I wish I was working that day!

  5. wow you are looking so beautiful+++


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