Friday, September 27, 2013

Store Update: Rosettes and Flower Headbands!

Hello all!
It's been a while since I shamelessly self promoted it, so some of you might not be aware that I have an Etsy store, Magical Tea Time. I sell prints of my artwork, and handmade jewelry and accessories.
Lately I've been getting into the more crafty side of things! I've started making floral head bands, hand sculpted antlers headbands, as well as rosette pins.
I made many of of these with fall and Halloween in mind, so check them out! <3


  1. Oh my. I miiiiiight need that white one.

  2. Oh, I saw these on tumblr! They're so incredibly gorgeous, especially that pink one, it looks soooo pretty! :O

  3. Your Frankenstein brooch made me giggle (in a good way)! It looks too cute.

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