Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Purple!

Well, it's almost Friday but never mind that ('fings I fancy Friday?).  If you haven't guessed by the new layout...I really love purple. A lot.
Here is a short summary of Purple: a love beyond mortal comprehension.
  • My mom had a purple plush bunny made for me before I was born. She knew.
  • My birth month is February, the stone and flower of which is amethyst and violet. Both are glorious purple.
  • As a little kid I went around saying “purplemyfavoritecolor” like it was one world. Yea, I was real fuckin’ cute.
  • I was born on a Thursday, the color association of that day being the purps.
  • You know what the complimentary color of brown eyes is? Now you do.
Purple is unfortunately a somewhat hard to find color in lolita. This past year I've been slowly adding it to my wardrobe though!

 Purplequest: Adding purple to your life.
  • Cook with lavender! Or drink it (have you had a cocktail with lavender bitters? To die for). There are tonnns of recipes out there incorporating lavender, one of my favorites being lavender cupcakes of course. Check out this site for neat recipes. If you're a fan of loose leaf tea, try Davidson's Earl Grey and Lavender.


  1. Wow mind boggling :o you reallllly were meant to love purple!
    Suits you too (and not just because of the eye colour)! Lovely outfits. It is a shame it's hard to find purple for lolita, also sort of weird to understand...why can't there be more violet lolitas?

  2. I wish there was more purple in lolita. Specifically deep plum shades, because I tend toward the classic. I guess that's a good reason to get back into sewing!

    Also, I love food with lavender. Especially the combination of lavender and dark chocolate.

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