Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: WAMH's Ebony Sweets

WAMH, or We're All Mad Here, is an Australian indie Lolita brand founded in 2012. The delightful designs of the owner, Eden, cater to the bitter sweet and creepy cute persuasion of Lolita (or as they call it, "Sugar Punks").
I was intrigued by their design "Sugary Bones" when it was first open for reservation early last year. At the time though, I decided against ordering because I wasn't prepared to pay brand prices for an indie brand I knew little about. Then, around my birthday this past February, I came across another WAMH print, Zombie Carnival, being sold secondhand on eBay, and decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did! Upon seeing the dress in person, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials, and found it to be on par with many of my Japanese brand dresses. So when the reservation for Ebony Sweets in May was announced, I happily signed up for one in lavender. Just a few days ago, I received my highly anticipated dress!
Without further ado, here is my review of We're All Mad Here's Ebony Sweets~

It arrived in a standard plastic mailer, decorated with cute stickers.
Click to Enlarge.

And here's what was inside!

Dress, candy hair clips, ribcage heart pin, stickers and business cards.

The dress is a pale, pinkish lavender. It is definitely lighter and warmer than the standard lavender that Angelic Pretty uses, for instance. I don't think of it as particularly good or bad, just that certain accessories won't quite match. The printed material is a fairly thick duchess satin, with a low matte shine (many people cringe at the mention of satin, but trust me, this is not by any means "shiny"). It is very smooth to the touch and has a nice weight to it. The bustle back is a similarly thick cotton sateen. It is fully lined with white satin. The front bow has a netting overlay.

I could not find any flaws with the print. It is clean, crisp, and well-defined. The black is a true black, not a dark grey as with many printed fabrics. The print has a border of candies and cookies, with a subtle spine background behind it and scattered candy above it.

I also could not find flaws in the dress's construction. There were no loose threads or messy stitching inside. The buttons are also well secured (and adorable bone shapes!).

 Detachable waist ties and detachable two-way bow.

Now onto the fit of the dress. I am about 5'7 and it is knee length. I ordered a size Large, which is supposed to fit a 102-107 cm bust and 84-89 cm waist. I am at the bottom of these measurements, and the dress fits pretty much perfectly. The skirt has ample fabric and poofs out well even with a medium petticoat.
I would say though, that if some was towards the maximum of these measurements, they might have some trouble fitting into the dress easily. The shirring is fairly stiff and might be uncomfortable to stretch fully (though I cannot say if it might loosen up with time). The advantage of the stiffness of the shirring however, is that is maintains a structured bodice when worn, without being poofy or bulky in the back if you wear a cardigan over it.

Here is a quick outfit I threw together!

 I'm wearing the candy clips in my hair too, though they're a little hard to see. It's definitely a new favorite in my closet! A perfect blend of bitter and sweetness.

Here's the quick summary of my experience with WAMH

Communication: 5/5
Eden is a total sweetheart and very easy to contact, by email or Facebook. She always got back to me within 24 hours.
Shipping: 5/5
The dress shipped well within the stated time period, and arrived about a week and a half after Eden notified me it was finished (shipping from Australia to the US). Shipping cost $30, which is pretty standard.
Quality: 5/5
There were no flaws in the construction or printing, or the choice of fabric. Beyond that, the dress simply has an look and feel of solid construction. 
Price: 4/5
I got everything I paid for, but I would like to see one more layer of detail for the asking price- maybe a built-in petticoat, ribbon lacing, or custom lace.
Overall: 19/20
If you want a unique, beautiful print with an infusion of spooky sweetness and a solidly constructed dress for lolitas of all sizes, do consider ordering from We're All Mad Here! I would definitely do so again.

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