Monday, January 17, 2011

Sew Loli

So, this past week, I ran out of things to do. I'd tailored, altered, and modified everything in my wardrobe that needed it in addition to making 3 dolls new clothing, and cleaning and vaccuming my whole apartment. Then, I recalled the huge lost of tutorials that Fuck Yeah Lolita has. I browsed through a few and decided to give it a try. I don't often make clothing from scatch, mind. I usually prefer to eviscerate existing garments. So, that night, I made a pair of bloomers. And then I made 2 more. And it just spiraled from there.

For the bloomers, I used this tutorial. It's pretty simple and easy. I didn't add lace though because I didn't have any to spare.

Then I decided to move onto a basic JSK. I loosely used this pattern, for a lolita nightgown. I made the top panel to my measurements instead of 60", and pleated the bottom panel instead of using elastic. I made it just loose enough to pull on and off without a zipper, because zippers are my enemy.

Then I dyed it purple.

I made a second JSK according the the same method, with a slightly fuller skirt and wider shoulder straps. I absolutely adore this fabric, I found it in a clearance rack at JoAnn's. It's dark red with a black sheen, with black velvet patterns on top.

Next I made an OP according to this tutorial. The fabric is very light, I think I might make another slightly heavier, though as it is it will be very comfortable in summer.

I tried drafting a pattern of my own, a simple scoop neck with a more fitted bodice. It turned out nicely, though I made the armholes a bit too big.

I also made a simple elastic waistband skirt, without a pattern. 
Basically, make a trapezoid two times your waist measurment at the smaller end, and sew up the side so that it makes a tube. Now add a ruffle or lace to the larger end of the trapezoid if desired. Then, fold the top edge over, leaving about a half inch/inch of space, and leave about an inch unsewn right at the end, to make an opening. Take a piece of elastic, wrap it around wherever you want to skirt to sit on your body, fit it until it is comfortable snug, and cut. Then, thread the piece of elastic through the tube made by the hem, sew the ends together, and sew up the last bit of your hem.

I also made a bonnet with this tutorial. It's very basic, but I am glad I got to see what one looks like on me before purchasing a more expensive one.

I just made an empire waisted JSK last night, and am in the midde of another OP, so expect a Sew Loli Part 2 in the future!


  1. Wow that is a lot of sewing! I like your dresses :) And also the bonnet!

  2. I need to tell my minions to retrieve my jaw from the floor, because that's where it is. Wow! This post is pretty inspirational.

  3. Oh my goodness! I especially like the JSKs! Thank you for linking the tutorials, I absolutely have to try these at some point!

  4. That is amazing, you seem to have areal talent for sewing!

  5. I think you suit bonnets, I wish I had more time for sewing again :(

  6. Wow, you are wicked talented at this stuff! You should start your own line or something...

  7. I've tagged you for a Stylish Blogger Award =)

  8. I love your blog!!!! I love all of your victiran styled dresses! Victorian clothing is my favorite and al the furniture, I love everything victorian. Its so dark and romantic and just so amazing. i want everything in my apartment to be victorian furniture but shits expensive!

    Im a new follower! Please follow me back!!

    Marja <3

  9. Woah, massive! I love all *__* You're too good!
    I specially like the red and black jsk

  10. this is incredibly... beautiful

  11. these are so cool. what was fuck yeah gothic lolita? the link doesn't work for me.


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