Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Visit to Poe's Grave

I adore Edgar Allan Poe's work, I am (so very stereotypically) known to visit graveyards, I have lived in Baltimore for 6 years, and yet...I have never been to Westerminister Burial Grounds, where Poe was laid to rest over a century ago. It's even more sad given that I work downtown less than a mile from it. But! I made it out yesterday. I was actually given a "field trip" assignment for a class, to go somewhere meaningful and new to me, so it seemed like the perfect occasion.

Westminster was even more beautiful and interesting than I imagined. I love unexpected, tiny graveyards, like the single grave in Towson, I like to think of them as enchanting vignettes of normal cemeteries. There's something surreal about a graveyard nestled in the middle of the wilderness, or in the midst of office buildings. Westminister is quite small, just sort of springing up on the block, with uneven ground and crumbling mausoleums. A very fitting resting place for our Master of the Macabre. The cherry blossoms are in bloom now, the effect was quite lovely.


  1. This looks lovely =) My boyfriend and I are planning to travel around the world to see all the things we want to see - I am marking this on the list! Along with Anne Rice's house... I think my non-Goth boyfriend wishes I would stop getting ideas from your blog... ;-)

  2. Loved you blog *-*


  3. My new job is across the street from the burial grounds. I can't wait to wander over during a sunny day on a lunch break :D

  4. A great idea! I envy you.


  5. I would love to visit Poe's grave, I've never been there. I've been to Oscar Wilde's grave, though.

  6. I absolutely LOVE Edgar Allen Poe, I really can't wait to see The Raven movie. I want to visit his grave that's so amazing!

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