Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini-Post: Labyrinth Lolita!

It's Only Forever

It's Only Forever by OpiateVampire featuring a chain necklace

Guess what my boyfriend and I are doing for one of the days Otakon this coming summer?
 Jim Henson's Labyrinth is a favorite of many lolitas, I've noticed. But who could resist glitter, poofy dresses, and David Bowie? My boyfriend introduced me to the movie when we first met, and I've been a devoted fan ever since.
I've been wanting to do lolita coord inspired by Sarah's ballgown for some time. We've cosplayed the regular versions of Sarah and Jareth before, but that gigantic ballgown is such a pain to get around in. This also solves the problem of deciding between cosplay and lolita!
I don't know if I'll use that F+F dress (or buy a different one) or make my own. I'm also undecided about footwear. What would you ladies recommend? Victorian boots, mary janes, tea parties?


  1. Ah Labyrinth, I love that movie. Footwear, hmm... Victorian boots or mary janes (perhaps with a slight heel) both sound great. She's a bit more grown up in that scene (I mean in the girly sense, not the having epic dangerous adventures sense lol), so your footwear could reflect that if you want. Just my take though.

    I just want to say it's awesome that you two cosplay them.

  2. Labyrinth lolita = win.

    I like the Victorian boots idea the best, methinks.

  3. Well, I ALWAYS recommend tea parties!

  4. I think a delicate Mary Jane with a slight heel would be would still have that magical ball feel to it.

    And I LOVE the coordinate you put together for Jareth. Epic win.

  5. I drew Siobhan in a lolita version of this dress, of course for her I paired it with RHS. Do you have pictures of the ballgown you wore before? I'd love to see it!


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