Saturday, April 23, 2011

Versatility Time!

In the past few days I have been nominated by 3 lovely bloggers- A Mortal Doth Approach, The Neo-Victorian Parlour, and The Walrus Room I figure I should finally do one of these!
I should warn you that one of my cats is currently lying across my arms and part of my keyboard, so my spelling may be drastically off.
So, seven random facts about me...

1. I am a natural redhead, and despite popular assumption, I am not Irish (I'm half Finnish actually).
2. I have lived in 5 different cities.
3. 3 of my great-great-great uncles died on the Titanic.
4. Despite my general loathing sports and being in the sun, I am quite proficient at horse-back riding, kayaking, and swimming.
5. I'm a vegetarian.
6. I am a much bigger nerd than I let on. Even my boyfriend didn't know until after several months of dating.
7. Bittersweet/black colorways of sweet prints are my secret weakness (not so secret anymore!).

Aaand I nominate...

Aristocratic Elegance of Aristocratic Elegance
Duskrose_Dreaming of The Midnight Ballroom
Akumaxkami of Les Fleurs Noires
Kaitlyn of If Alice Were Into Platforms


  1. Ohmygosh I'm honored! Thank you! Well I have something postworthy now haha... ^^
    It was fun reading your 7 facts. I'm a huge nerd too. Hurrah for nerds!

  2. New aroung here. I must say you have a very delightful place, so you got a long-term reader :)
    Very happy to see you were nominated, you really deserve it.

    Violette B.

  3. Thank you for nominating me! I'm really flattered, since I've only just started. I really like your blog ^_^

  4. ahah that very very funny the cat who play computor xDDD !! i really like it :"3 !!!!!!

    ohh your great-great-great-great uncles died on the titanic it's sad :C are you american ?

    woooow you're half finish me i'm half italian :3 !!!
    do you have facebook ? do you like snail mail :3 !!!!!
    Reply to me on me livejornal :"


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