Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tangled Meetup

This past Sunday, I went to my community's Tangled meetup! It was a great excuse to wear one of my favorite pieces, my F+F Antique Beast replica (which is just a bit dressy for day to day wear). 
We assembled at the Egyptian 24 to buy tickets, and quite unexpectedly ran into a group of ninjas! They were dressed up to see The Warriors Way.

Once we'd snagged a few photos with the ninjas, we went off to get something to eat. The food court had a tree with snow falling from the ceiling above it (fancy!). Afterward, we wandered around and shopped a bit, I got 3 kinds of spider earrings from Claire's for $1!

Then we took more group photos!

The movie itself was very charming! It definately fits in the with 2-D animation princess movies. Flynn, the love interest/ male main character, mostly because his endearing roguish antics reminded me of Miguel from Road to El Dorado. My only issue with it was with the animation style- the textures were too realistic for the style of animation. For example, super realistic eyebrows and eyelashes on a very cartoony face looks...odd. But clothing and surroundings were fine, it was really mostly their hair/facial hair.
And finally, better outfit shots taken at home :)

Outfit Rundown:
Coatdress: F+F
Skirt: Retroscope Fashions
Boots: Bolero

My next post might be a while, my first sophmore semester ends next week and I have final projects to finish and essays to write. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with finals! I loved that movie so much, Rapunzel is definitely my new favorite princess.
    Also, you look great!

  2. I saw someone post about this encounter with the ninjas on daily lolita (my memory is terrible, i can't remember who it was). XD Epic!
    I love those sleeves your OP has.
    I'm working on finals too, so...good luck!!

  3. I can't wait to see Tangled! Maybe I'll talk my friend into going with me next week and we'll dress up all Lolita style!

    Not that she's ever worn Lolita...but I bet I could talk her into it.

  4. good luck with your finals!
    Everyone looks so well dressed in these pictures, it's lovely. I haven't seen Tangled yet, but am looking forward to it.

  5. oh wow! very nice photos! :)) i really wish we could dress up and go to movies here just like you and your friends... me and my friends have planned well for our International Lolita Day but unfortunately we were driven away by the park security and people who saw us walking, mocked us and gave us "that look" as if they've seen some kind of alien or something... :(( it's really too sad to be in a place like this... oh, well!

    anyway, I hope to read more of your great post! new follower here! :)) thanks!


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