Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What's the most popular accessory in lolita? A head-eating bow? A purse? Tea party shoes?
In my opinion, it's this frame from the Swedish home superstore Ikea. It really shows up everywhere; lolitas' homes/bedrooms, brand photoshoots, vendor's booths at conventions, even this month's issue of Gothic Beauty Magazine! It's one of those things, that as soon as you think about it, you start noticing it 10x more.
I actually own two myself. One has been converted to a mirror, the other is filled with pretty black/gold wallpaper. It's really a wonderful, elegant piece of decor. It can be sweet, classic, or gothic. It looks great hung empty, painted different colors, filled with pretty paper or artwork, anything really. And it's price, $29, is not entirely unreasonable either. Just writing this makes me want to go buy another and fill it with pretty silhouettes!

Here it is looking lovely in various colors and arrangements...

My bedroom


  1. Oh, I'm glad you brought this up, because I've been wondering what that thing's been called! It really is a beautiful ornament, and I was wondering what it'd look like in white or gold. Now I know where to get one for myself! Thank you~

  2. I hadn't noticed that they were all the same frame before... now I'll porbably notice it everywhere! haha. Its gorgeous though.

  3. I want one too! Haha, I don't mind if everyone else has one, it's pretty.

  4. I have it, in black, bought with the intent of putting a mirror in it. I haven't yet gotten to a glass shop to get the mirror cut, though!

  5. Oh wow, I never even notice before. It really is a lovely frame though.


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