Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Well, I'm a bit late on the Christmas posting train, but I took today and boxing day to really start my vacation. I laid in bed with my new purple velvet comforter and my cat, Ophelia, and I did nothing but watch tv shows online and read my new vampire novels! And it was awesome.
Anyway, I had a very nice Christmas. I hope everyone else did too.
Christmas Eve, my roommate, boyfriend, and I made a nice dinner and burned a pumpkin pie. Afterwards, we watched the Christmas episodes of various TV shows, like the Addams Family, Munsters, and Invader Zim.

I got all fancy for the joys of grocery shopping and cooking. Luckily, I have an apron that goes perfectly over cupcake skirts.

My boyfriend spent the night so we could spend Christmas morning together, since it's my first Christmas at my own place (!). Bright and early he woke me up, but I wouldn't stop grumbling/swearing at him until he agreed to let me shower before opening presents. It was kind of sweet though, he has an enthusiasm that I lost a long time ago.

I gave him an aristocrat shirt, a button up shirt I painted spiderwebs on, a life size bat skull necklace, a leather-bound copy of The Divine Comedy, a victorian top hat, and coffin and bat belt buckles.
He gave me an Alice In Wonderland tea pot/cup set, a couple vampire novels, a tattoo book, Hello Kitty socks, a Nightmare Before Christmas pajama set, and TrueBlood season 2.
I wore red to make my family happy, since I almost always wear black. My OP is from F+F, but I've modified it a lot (original here). I think I might make a post about modifying dresses, something I do pretty often (one of the reasons I don't buy brand, no guilt altering them to death).

Around afternoon we parted ways to go have dinner with our families. My mom and new stepdad got me some nice things, most notably a red jacquard trenchcoat and a beautifully illustrated copy of Dracula. I gave them a huge pile of crossword books. My brother gave me a bottle of Cupcake wine (though the label is adorable, it's actually a good wine too).
It was a pretty hectic visit over at their place, everyone seemed to show up at once. But I got a chance to take a long walk to talk with my brother, away from everyone else. It's something we like to do when we get together, because the past 4 years, he's been living in Los Angeles and Ypsilanti.

So, in total, not a bad holiday at all. In fact, better than it's been in years :)


  1. Your cat's name is Ophelia? Beyond awesome!

    Please do make a dress-modifying post, preferably with really obvious tips and hints for those like me who suck at DIY! >.<

    Merry belated Christmas!

  2. You look so beautiful in that dark red dress!

  3. Your apartment is adorable! And so are yoouu.


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