Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm back, mostly intact.

Ah, winter break. Time to sleep, laze around, and forget this past month ever happened.
In two weeks, I did 24 illustrations. Twenty four. I am not a machine! But no, my professors give me a workload that only a zombie could handle. During this time, I also have to work at my job, study for my Religions and Art History exams, write my final essays for those classes, go to those classes, and occasionally sleep (if I'm lucky).
On the plus side, Thursday morning, we had the most beautiful snow. It was light and fluffy and falling softly, and stuck to everything. Here's the view from my apartment window, it made my whole day better.

Anyway, I am just glad it's over and I did actually produce some art work that I am proud of. My favorites are my illustrations for The Masque of The Red Death, and a vampire story that I wrote.

From my vampire story:

 From the Masque of The Red Death:

So now I have a month off, and it's lovely to not have anything due, hanging over my head. Even though it's just begun, when I haven't sleeping, I've redecorated a bookself, given a long sleeve OP short puffed sleeves, and vacuumed everything. I like optional projects. Right now I'm making bat ornaments for my newer, bigger Christmas tree.
I promise to make a post about something more interesting soon, now that I have the time. I hope you all have lovely holidays and get lots of sleep if you are also on your winter breaks.


  1. Wow, sounds tough! I've had somewhat similar experiences in college, but I think you've got me surpassed there.
    Those are amazing illustrations, though! I love the chessboard floors and the building silhouettes.

  2. Yes, I had a full credit load this semester and it just about killed me! I am so happy that it is vacation finally. I feel strange though, I don't really know what to do with myself now that I don't have anything due...

    I adore the view from your apartment, mine is hardly as pleasant.

  3. U have a beautiful blog! :) And amazing artwork, I got to admit.

  4. I thought the snow was lovely, too, but I was just afraid of possible traffic problems it might have caused. Last year, I missed my flight because of it >:

    Beautiful work, by the way. You must have nearly died drawing 24 illustrations in such little time. They're so intricate, too! Awesome job.


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