Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Lolita Inspired Artwork

Some of you may or may not know, but I am a sophomore illustration major at Maryland Institute College of Art. I sell work at a local bookstore and have been in several gallery shows in the past year. That said, I've been obsessed with making art my whole life! Since I was in kindergarten, I've been making up stories and illustrating them. The reason I got into Goth waaaay back in middle school was because of my art, and the reason I got into Lolita was because of being into Goth. Most of my work involves dark fantasy, mythology, historical costumes, and the like. But naturally, since most of the things I enjoy are related to Gothic Lolita, so is a good portion of my art.
I'm pretty much solely a traditional artist, except for a few excursions into digital painting. I like to work in pen and prismacolor markers mostly.
You can find my art at my website, Nytemare Asylum and my deviantart.
Here are some examples of my work from the past few years.

I also make silly plushies and things.


  1. Your art is amazing! I love all of it, especially the second from the top, it's perfect. I've been inspired to go and draw something of my own now :D I hope you post more like this soon!

  2. Wow that is awesome! I love your style, and really like the black and white stuff.

  3. These are SO beautiful! I would absolutely buy prints of these - have you considered opening a store on Etsy?

  4. I don't think it's exactly shameless self promotion if it's your own blog :) I love the first one. I agree with what ultimategothguide said - you should open an etsy.

  5. Thump Thump Thump! I love it. If you framed that I would totally buy it and hang it up. Awesome, creepy, and cute all at the same time!

  6. that is so awesome!! i love them all! can I ask you a question, though? I wonder what kind of coulor/pens you use to colorize? I've been looking for something good to colorize with on my inkdrawings for ages. thankful for answers. :)


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