Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiriation: Movies

Sometimes we all need a little help getting creative, whether it's for art, coordinating, decoring, or just getting you back into the mood! There are many, many sources for lolita-related inspiration. I highly recommend keeping a folder of people and things that speak to you, add to it as you go along on your internet travels, then go back and take a peek when you need ideas.
This time, I will focus on movies that inspire me and give me that happy-squishy-can't-wait-dress-up feeling inside. Here's 5 movies that never fail to put me in the mood to get fancy!

1. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Okay, so it's really nothing like the book. That doesn't mean it's not amazing! Set at the fashion height bustles and gathered skirts, the movie is full of sumptuous dresses and romantic hairstyles. While Mina is poor, most of the London scenes are set at her friend Lucy's Victorian estate, with enormous gardens and a beautiful interior. There's also this devishly handsome man named Dracula who looks dashing in a tophat. My favorite scene is when he and Mina drink abstinthe and dance with unrealistic-but-lovely floating candles. Someday, I will get married in a reproduction of Mina's red dress, even if I have to marry myself!
Besides the over-the-top victorian opulance, it's also a horror movie, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're uncomfortable with copious amounts of fake blood.

2. Marie Antoinette (2006)
Judging by the enormous amount of lolitas on livejournal who have screencaps from this movie as their icon, I'd say it's a pretty popular choice. But that's hardly surprising! Set in the infamously decadent Rococo-era court of Louis XVI, the pastel paradise of Versaille is mind blowing in it's ornamentation. Cake and frills everywhere! I'm pretty sure a favorite scene for most of us is the "fashion montage" where Marie and her entourage tries on fabulous shoes and dresses while eating cakes that are just as pretty. Obviously, I'm not really one for sweet lolita, but pink or no...this movie really embodies Rococo extravagance and beauty perfectly.
My personal favorite scene is the masquerade, where Marie wears a gorgeous black gown and dainty mask.

 3. Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Everyone loves Lestat! As they say girls want him, boys want to be him (and vise versa, I'm sure). precocious Claudia is a show stealer, though. This is actually the only film adaptation of her work that Anne Rice has given her stamp of approval. The actors, costuming, sets, and locations make for the perfect dark romantic vampire flick. Actually, petulant little Claudia reminds me of the stereotype of the bratty, spoiled Lolita. Regardless, her wardrobe and doll collection are to die for (pun!).
My only issue with the movie is the casting of Armand. Antonio Banderas, while attractive, is not a auburn-haired, pale, Russian teeenager. Actually, Daniel is supposed to have ash blonde hair and violet eyes too...
That aside, it's a movie definitely worth watching if you love decadent costumes and French vampires!

4. Repo The Genetic Opera (2008)
Here's something a little more modern. This gothic rock-opera has some of the best art directing I've seen in a long time. And a great soundtrack to boot! The world the movie takes place in is a aesthetically a mix of "futuristic grunge" and "decaying Victorian" (Combat boots and cravats? Check). I especially love Shilo and Nathan's house, a shadowy Victorian mansion decorated with hologram portraits, birdcages, and other past/future oddities. Shilo also has a variety of black/white victorian goth outfits that are very easy to turn into lolita or casual streetwear. I would guess that most Gothic Lolitas and Goth girls could do a "closet cosplay" of her in 5 minutes.
I like to think about what kind of girl (besides the characters one actually sees) would live in that organ-failing alternate world as a starting point for coordinates. Gothic lolita with a deconstructed twist?

5. Gypsy 83 (2001)
This movie is less of a fashion inspiration and more of a "fly your freak flag proud" inspiration. Not to say that Gypsy and Clive's homemade deathrock-victorian ensembles aren't completely fabulous, they are.
The two main characters are Goths too big for their little Ohio town, and escape the oppressive Midwestern wholesomeness by bringing their romantigoth visions to life in what ways they can. Graveyard picnics, making their own clothes, dancing in churches, getting dressed up to the nines just to go to a boring job. My favorite bit is when they spend they night at a typical truck-stop, but set up a fancy picnic on the floor complete with black blankets and candles. 
Also, killer soundtrack.


  1. thanks for the movie tips! Hope my library has them!

  2. Ooh! The only one of these I haven't seen is Marie Antoinette, and I'm adding it to my list of must-sees at once. ^^

  3. Ooh, I'll have to check these out! Repo and Gypsy sound especially intriguing...

  4. A lot of amazing movies! I haven't seen Gypsy 83 (2001) and Repo The Genetic Opera (2008), so i will repair this mistake.


  5. really love this movie 'MArie-antoinette'<3333 i really love it :333 !!!!

  6. Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire and Repo the genetic opera are definitely among my favourite movies of all time. I just found your blog, and went and saw Gypsy 83 because it looked great and it was such a touching movie, it made me cry. I love raw, real movies about adolescence and finding your place in the world! Thanks for introducing me to it!!!


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