Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to me~

So this is what 20 looks like! Not too different from yesterday, except that I'm actually wearing lipstick. Maybe 20 will be a lipstick wearing year....
Anyway, in a couple hours I'm meeting up with my local lolitas to eat Ethopian and go to the trad-goth night at Club Orpheus. Tomorrow, I'm having dinner with my mother and stepfather. Sunday, I'm doing a graveyard photoshoot with my friend Casie. And somewhere along the line eating some cake.
I don't really feel 20 at all. I'm not a teenager anymore! How did this happen so quickly?!


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    All of us had a 20 years feeling,that your teen ends and with it all a whole time in your life.

  2. Happy Birthday! I agree with MisVermilion. It's strange to not be a teen any more, but 20 has been pretty good so far (I first wore lolita on my 20th bday ^^). Maybe an even better era will open up for both of us. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Wishing you a year full of bats; hats, and frilly goodness ^^

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!

    I remember turning 20. I didn't really feel any different. Of course, I'm 23 now but I still feel about 16 lol.

  5. Happy birthday, few days too late.

    I looked over your blog and i found it very interesting. Art is something I like and i study and your life and work are nice.

    (Sorry for my english.)

  6. I can't believe we're practically the same age! You look so sophisticated and mature, way more than I ever feel! <3 (Happy late-late birthday, ha!)


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