Monday, October 25, 2010

To Brand or Not to Brand

A perfect Moitie coord makes my heart skip a beat. Elegant ladies looking like perfect dark princesses in AATP, BPN, and h.Naoto fill my inspiration folder. I even oogle sweet brand coords. I often enjoy to wasting a few hours with my laptop, looking up prints, coords, new releases...but the only brand piece I own is a Black Peace Now bolero.
The fact is, I'm a US size 12, and if I managed to squash myself into Vampire Requiem, I'd look more like a toad than a princess.
I own several corsets and could probably use them to squeeze myself small enough, but I don't see myself going there, it feels too much like lying (I wear mine decoratively). Now and then I happen upon a piece that I fall into the max measurements of, or see a girl my size or larger in brand...but why would I pay $300 for a dress that isn't meant to fit me? I instead take that money to F+F or Bodyline and buy multiple, albeit simpler, dresses that I know will fit, and I won't feel guilty about modifying if the mood strikes me.
If I knew that a brand item without a doubt would fit, I'd give it serious consideration. In fact, I was very on the fence about Meta's Moonlight Night skirt in black (but ultimately didn't like the clouds at the top, too much like camo). But would I want a closet entirely of brand? Not really. Clothes get dirty. They get deodorant marks and random stains, they get wet, they get food on them. It happens, not matter how perfectly careful you are. I wear my gothloli clothes everyday, and I don't want to freak out when road salt touches my skirt as I'm walking to college.
For now, I'm content to live with discount ruffles. I'm not taking sides in the brand vs offbrand war. I love to see ladies of both persuasions on d_l and egl. Where your clothes come from won't make or break a coord, that's up to the abilities of the person dressing themselves.


  1. Hear, hear. I'm of a similar mind. I do love some brand pieces (Vampire Requiem high on the list). But while I'm sure it feels wonderful to "finally put on your dream dress" as they say, I'd rather have the feeling of "putting on my dream dress or even an 'ordinary' dress that I sewed myself."
    Not to mention that there aren't too many brand pieces that perfectly fit the look I'm after. ^^'

  2. There are a few brand pieces I would love to own, but not because they're from a particular brand but because I love the item itself. Unfortunately, I can NEVER justify spending the money even though I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that anything I buy will fit me perfectly.

    Oh well. I'm content with "offbrand" and self-made pieces. At least I'll have something unique that NO ONE but me will ever wear, lol.

  3. How much do offbrand gothloli clothes cost? I love all things Victoriana but have very little money. what are some good brands?


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