Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea and Topiary Gardens Meetup

Yesterday I went to a delightful meetup with my local community, hosted by Miss Tanya. We went to The Casual Cup in the Dulaney Valley area, and then onto LaDew Gardens. The tea was really yummy, I even tried an herbal tea that I actually like! Though black tea is still my one true leafy love.
The gardens were absolutely beautiful, despite the humidity. Fortunately, it wasn't as hot as it has been most of this summer (in the 90s-100s D: ). The Victorian garden with the black fountain and mermaid sink was my favorite, though the water lily garden was a close second. I would love to come back in more temperate weather, say...fall or early spring.

Most photos courtesy of Kimmah. Click to enlarge.

And then onto the gardens!

Since it was fairly nice this weekend, I thought it was a perfect time to break out my Baby "Marcia" OP. It's a velour/velvet fabric but fortunately still pretty airy. I've been waiting for a chance to wear it since this spring (I bought it, and then the heat struck).

Outfit rundown:
OP: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Boots: Bordello
Bag: Putumayo
Jewelry: Alchemy Gothic


  1. What a beautiful area and beautiful people. ^_^

    And I agree with you about the heat. I can't wait for...say...October. ^_~

  2. You look adorable!! I can see why you were excited to wear that dress. Looks like you saved it for just the perfect setting, too.

  3. Everyone looks so lovely and what a fun meetup in a beautiful looking place!

  4. Thank you for enduring the heat :) As always it was nice to spend some time with you!

  5. Hello ! You're so lucky because Marcia OP from BTSSB is one of my dreamdress !! *o*


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