Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art Post: Darling Deer

This is my final assignment for one of my illustration classes. I have a thing for deer girls, and I've been dying to draw some creepy girls in pretty dresses. I originally planned to illustrate The White Doe, a delightful fairytale that I highly recommend, but as I began to work on it, I sort of made up a vague narrative based on basic fairytale cliches. I really enjoyed working on these, even though some of my classmates complained they were too vague and predictable. Oh well! On the plus side, when I receive criticism it makes me want to work even harder to prove people wrong.

The story begins with two enchanted girls, who can switch between human-esque or fully animal form. They lead magical, simple lives away from humanity and bothersome princes.

But then, oh no! One of the magical deer ladies is shot by a hunter. Her friend can't do anything to help her, and watches in the form of a fawn.

The hunter captures her, and in doing so, disenchants her, so that she is trapped in a fully human form. Her poor friend is left alone in the forest. What happens next? I don't know!

In addition to The White Doe, I was inspired by The Selkie and similar shape-shifting maiden stories.


  1. I love the story...and the supporting art...just lovely! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. wooow really nice illustration *O*


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