Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skating + Christmas Meetups

Soo, two weeks ago (has it really been that long?) my lovely local ladies had a surprisingly large meet hosted by Miss Kirsten, with many new faces. It was quite a success, I'd say. We ate at a neat little cafe in the city called Chocolatea, and then moved onto making fools of our frilly selves ice skating. I used to skate all the time as a kid (being that I'd from Detroit), but my goodness, I am really out of practice.

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Surface Spell
Bolero: Offbrand
 Collar: Handmade

You can also see that I cut my hair! I did it the night before in one of my fellow loli's apartments. I've had long but thin hair most of my life, and frankly I just got sick of it. I haven't had hair this short since I was in 2nd grade. It's a huge change for me, but I rather like it.

The next week, several of my lolita friends and I decided to crash a NoVA/Northern Virginia meet-up! It was a yummy Christmas-themed tea party. The tea was delicious and the VA lolitas were wonderful as always. We need to come down and visit them more often! Afterwards, we went to a sushi place in DC with a few more friends.

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Thrifted
Shoes: Bodyline

I hope all my dear readers had a wonderful holiday <3


  1. Do you hate the new figure skates as much as I do? They're sporty and boyish now...

  2. All of you looked really cute in both meet-ups!

    I think your new hair style suits your face so well,good choice.

  3. So many lovely lolitas on ice~! [Is that H Wells ice rink? I was there this weekend; to think I might've missed you all.] It looks like a good time~

    Hope you had a good new year's~


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