Friday, October 7, 2011

Frilly Halloween Costumes: Part 2

So maybe video games aren't your thing? Well then, this post will be keeping it classy with literary and historical themed costumes. Classical costumes are obviously very popular in Lolita, so I tried my best to avoid things like "18th century vampire" or "victorian widow".

If crime-solving and logic are to your fancy,  here we have the honorable Sherlock Holmes!

The trademark double-brimmed hat would be ideal, but Polyvore didn't seem to have one. The newsboy cap fits nicely, though. Elementary!
Next is another character from literature, Eric, the Phantom of the Opera!

Please refrain from stealing away aspiring opera singers. Also, with a few tweaks, this could become a Dracula costume as well.

Now moving onto some history!
Enjoy the historical fashion that isn't Rococo or Victorian? How about Elizabeth I?

I chose AATP's Queen's Coach because it seemed rather appropriate, but it could be easily swapped for another JSK or OP in a heavy fabric (like gobelin) and bold all-over print.

For a ghoulier take on history, what about post-mortem Marie Antoinette?


  1. Ohh I love the dead Marie Antoinette one,is really original and spooky! You created such beautiful coordinates

  2. Lovely coordinates! I especially love the first two outfits

  3. Love the Sherlock Holmes coordinate, I would waer that any day.

  4. I like the Sherlock Holmes one.

  5. Sherlock Holmes! That's awesome!

  6. Love the Sherlock Holmes and Marie Antoinette ^_^

  7. fantastic ideas! ^^d
    was thinking about doing something
    sherlocky for a costume party coming up..^^

  8. I love the Marie Antoinette! Very creative! I could just see it walking around with a silver platter of mini cakes!

    Sherlock Holmes is awesome! That'd be good for couples! He could be Watson!

  9. Hello i love those coords especially the marie antoinette one. I Just wanted to tell you that i love your blog. You can visit my blog if you want. I'm a gothic lolita and goth, but also bittersweet, and classic. I post a lot of eye candy. Right now i am doing the lolita challenge. I hope to read more from you and hope that you read my blog.

  10. cool outfit ideas. I like the Marie Antoinette one. apparently during the French Revolution they used to have execution parties- any excuse for a party, even with all the death and danger- and wear red ribbons around their necks to simulate the decapitation of the guillotine. I have always wanted to have a party like that!

  11. !!! so cute!!! love the Sherlock-newsboy hat idea!


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